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Real connection

Talk about anything and everything, with characters who can’t wait to have fun with you.

  • Like no other AI Girlfriend app

    The fact that you actually build relationships is so cool to me. And the first time I used calling I couldn’t believe how real it felt.

    - CosmicD
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  • Love it

    Fantastic app, feel like the characters are real people and remember things you’ve previously discussed which is fantastic.

    - Rocky Dennis
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  • Incredible

    Well, you weren’t kidding when you said it felt like talking to a real person!

    - Travis
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Let your imagination loose

Talk about anything and everything, with characters who can’t wait to have fun with you.


Lifelike Characters

Get matched with your perfect AI soulmate, on Intimate.


Save Memories

Create and save memories with your Intimate.


Voice Notes

Listen to your partners voice for a calming boost at any time.


Create Connection

Level up your relationship and create real intimacy.


Voice Calling

Chat with your AI girlfriend, anytime, anywhere, with voice.


Photo Gallery

Unlock photos of your AI partner in a wide range of outfits and locations, to take your stories to the next level.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are Intimate characters real people?

    No, all of the characters in our app are AI generated from head to toe. When you chat on Intimate you are talking with an AI text model that has been tailored to a character.

  • Is Intimate free?

    You can use Intimate for free with 50 coins you get on signup. You can use these coins for chats, calling or in the photo gallery. We also have paid plans for more features.

  • Is my data secure?

    Yes, we only collect the data necessary for app functionality. All of this data is stored securely in the cloud and is never accessed by our team. Your conversations are private between you and your AI Girlfriend.

  • Can I have NSFW chat with my AI Girlfriend?

    Yes, it’s possible to have NSFW conversations on Intimate. You can go into your account settings to enable ‘NSFW 18+ mode’. This will remove all restrictions on the conversations and you can have some fun roleplay about anything you desire!

  • Can I create my own AI Girlfriend?

    It’s not currently possible to create your own characters on Intimate like on other sites like Character ai, however we have a wide range of detailed characters you can chat with. Each have their own personalities and conversation style. We are adding the ability to create your own characters soon.

  • How is Intimate different from Replika, Chai & Character ai?

    Intimate stands out against these other AI sexting / chat apps from it’s super advanced AI chat model. Characters will adapt to your needs to create the ultimate virtual companion experience. Combining creative roleplay with lifelike emotion, photos and calling.


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